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Help set a new standard for relationship-based
horsemanship around the world


Our organization sets a global standard for relationship-based horsemanship. 


Our Founding Lifetime Members

We’d like to thank our biggest supporters, who are helping us to develop our member benefits and raise the standard of horsemanship around the world.

Chris Adams

Texas, USA

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Kathy Knight

Quebec, Canada

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Mattie Cowherd

Colorado, USA

Sue Towne

South Dakota, USA

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Sarah Drew

Virginia, USA

The Hideout

Guest Ranch in Shell, WY, USA


What can you do together?

The Grades of Horsemanship Pathway will help you and your horse take your partnership to the next level. With a straight-forward roadmap from beginning to excellence, there is nothing that you cannot achieve together.


Bringing relationship-based horsemanship into the mainstream

The International Horsemanship Association is a unique, up-and-coming organization that aims to provide support and educational resources for equestrians all over the world. Whether your goals are recreational, competitive, or professional in nature; whether you ride English, Western, or not at all — the International Horsemanship Association is your destination for safety, education, and fun with horses.


Our Mission

Our vision is to be the world’s first choice for relationship-based horsemanship information, resources, instruction, training, and competition.

We aim to:
  • Define standards of relationship-based horse training from the foundation through to the artistic level

  • Certify equine professionals who support the highest level of excellence

  • Create a community of horsemanship enthusiasts to honor and advance the level of horsemanship worldwide.


Why Choose the International
Horsemanship Association?

We place emphasis on the horse-human connection and value the role of the horse as a true partner. We seek to increase safety and raise the level of horsemanship worldwide by applying and promoting safe and humane behavior-based horse training techniques. Learn why the International Horsemanship Association is unlike any other equestrian organization in the world.

Watch our video below to learn more about what we stand for.


Explore our Benefits

To help passionate horse lovers around the world achieve their goals, the International Horsemanship Association offers a wide range of educational and community benefits for every budget.

Access to Our

With nine competency levels in six skill sets, the Grades of Horsemanship Pathway provides you with an intuitive and comprehensive journey towards excellence with horses.


Stay up to date with educational articles, featured stories, organization updates, and more. You can even submit your own content to share with the community.

Connect with
Students & Professionals

Easily find other students, as well as certified and recommended Instructors, Trainers, and Facilities in your area to support your horsemanship journey.


We're just getting started

The International Horsemanship Association has some ambitious goals for the revolution of relationship-based horsemanship. We need your help to make our vision a reality. Upon the conclusion of our Kickstarter campaign on October 30, 2018, our team will collaborate to develop the exciting benefits for members and professionals alike. Benefits will become available in January 2019.


What Sets Us Apart

With our unique mission and member benefits, the International Horsemanship Association is like no other equestrian organization in the world. Here are three of the many reasons why we're in a league of our own.

We focus on horse behaviour and
humane treatment

We help students learn how horses think, feel, and act to develop a safer, more confident, willing, respectful, athletic, and successful partnership without force. That's our philosophy in a nutshell.

Our Pathway takes you from beginning to excellence

The Grades of Horsemanship Pathway is a global standard for relationship-based training and a road map to reach your goals. Finally, horsemanship education and success don't have to be elusive concepts.

You can compete from the comfort of your own home

Compete with your horse without stressing at the ingate. Showcase your skills in various equestrian areas in unique, web-based competitions. From bridleless riding to horsey poetry, there's an arena for everybody.