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Invest In Your Business

We wish to recognize Relationship-Based equine professionals worldwide. The IHA will support you and your brand.



Recommended Professionals

Experts in horsemanship and husbandry are the cornerstone of growth and development within the equine industry. It takes a profound set of skills to be an equine professional, and even more to be able to practice your specialty with a focus on Relationship-Based Horsemanship.

The IHA wishes to recognize the skills and aptitudes of these individuals and provide them with a wide range of benefits to help them market their business, grow their client base, and improve their personal horsemanship.

Full certification
is on its way!

Our Recommended Professionals program assesses all applicants to a minimum level of the Grades of Horsemanship pathway.

A complete Certified Professionals program is currently under development and will become available in 2020.

Where do I fit in?


Facility requirements coming soon!

Stay at Home With Your Horses

Add to your qualifications with valuable, professional credentials, achieved from the comfort of your barn.

Our commitment to supporting equine professionals starts with our exciting list of benefits. Running a business is hard, especially in the horse industry; we're here to provide the support, community, and platform to help you promote your skills and business, all from home.

 Why Become a Recommended Professional?

Educational Pathway

Apply the Grades of Horsemanship pathway to your daily operations — create a teaching curriculum, keep track of your client horses' progress, or evaluate your employees' skills.

Built-In Marketing

Take advantage of our numerous marketing opportunities, including a customizable profile in the Professionals Directory, publication in our magazine, and more.

Take it Online

Create and sell instructional videos, courses, and other online content with our Learning Management System*. Our members — your audience — are ready to learn from you!


*Available to Recommended Instructors,
Trainers, and Practitioners only.

The IHA's Recommended Professionals initiative is about promoting you, your business, and your skills. We want to celebrate your uniqueness, not overshadow you with our own brand. We're here to better the lives of horses — by lifting up the people who make it their business to do the same.

How Does Our
Program Stand Out?

What the IHA
Will Not Do

  • Restrict the use of your brand
  • Replace your business
  • Limit what you can teach
  • Ignore your teaching and marketing ideas
  • Make you take a lot of additional courses
  • Force you to use just one system with which to teach your students or train your horses
  • Micromanage you or police your behavior
  • Ignore your needs as a business owner
  • Put up barriers between you and your fellow professionals
  • Charge commissions of any kind
  • Advertise and celebrate your unique, professional brand
  • Help you grow your business
  • Highlight your strengths and accomplishments
  • Provide an outlet for your creativity and excellent horsemanship
  • Validate the horsemanship and teaching skills that you already have
  • Share with you a set of standards, tests, and a non-copyrighted language to use for yourself and your business
  • Rely on member ratings to ensure acceptable conduct, only intervening when necessary
  • Lobby for benefits such as reduced liability and equine insurance
  • Grow a collaborative community of Relationship-Based Horsemanship professionals
  • Award you a 10% commission on membership referrals

Instead, This
is What We
Will Do

The Next Step is Up to You

Learn about our requirements and get started on your application.

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