Our Vision

Our vision is to be the world’s first choice for relationship-based horsemanship online information, resources, instruction, training, and competition.


What can our organization do for you and your horse?

We have a line of exclusive benefits for members and professionals currently under development, including the Grades of Horsemanship Pathway, online courses and educational material, professional certification, and so much more.

Our Values

We at the International Horsemanship Association practice our values in everything we do, every day.

Safety & Humane Treatment

We practise and encourage the highest standards of safety in all horse activities. We also support humane training philosophies and techniques for a happy horse and a happy rider.

Respect the Nature of the Horse

We believe that once we can understand our horses' innate behaviour and psychology, their capacity to bond with us and to perform with joy is limitless.

Supporting Our Members

We celebrate in our members' successes, no matter how big or small. And even when success seems far away, we're ready with the resources to get them there.

Good Horsemanship is Good Horsemanship

We support and hold high esteem for the pursuit of excellent horsemanship of all types — no matter the discipline, tradition, or program.

Commitment & Integrity

We honor our commitments — to our colleagues, to our community, and to our horses — and strive to be our best every day.

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Collaborating With You

Our organization brings together horse enthusiasts, horsemanship students, competitors, equine professionals, and commercial entities. Whether you are a horsemanship student looking for the right instructor, a competitor looking to do so without having to leave home, or an equine professional or company in need of a place from which you can run your business and attract customers, the International Horsemanship Association provides the platform and support you need.


Our Founding Members

The International Horsemanship Association is the product of the dedication and vision of passionate horse lovers throughout the United States and Canada. They know what the equine industry needs and how to deliver it to riders and owners around the world.

Farrah Green

WY, USA ● President & CEO

Farrah is a compulsive sharer and wants everyone and every creature to have fun and understand each other to the best of their abilities. Her most influential professor is her horse Caesar, who continues to patiently struggle with her training for the betterment of horses everywhere. She also loves a good nap and great tea!

Isabelle Farmer

TX, USA ● Vice-President & Treasurer

Isabelle loves her horses Walker, Maverick, and Lucia. She also loves whipping up a great meal for friends and family, which always includes butter and homemade vinaigrette.

Sarah Drew

VA, USA ● Secretary

Sarah has lived in ten countries and has traveled to many more. Everywhere she went, she has found horsemen and women to be her 'people' regardless of the language they speak.

Brenda Merpaw

ON, Canada ● Board Member

Brenda's day job takes her to the fast paced world of high tech and the city. Her sanctuary is her peaceful, rural home, surrounded by her horses Chance and Dakota, her kitties, her large family, and good friends.

Sandy Ruiter

ON, Canada ● Board Member

Sandy is obsessed with her four horses, five cats, and two dogs. When not outside spending time with the creatures, she can be found absorbed by a book or finding new and creative ways to avoid eating vegetables.

Katie Troyer

QC, Canada ● Board Member

Now that Katie has graduated from university, she can better focus on “wasting time” with horses — whether at home with her equine partner, Johann, or in her far-reaching horsemanship travels.

Tracey Clark

GA, USA ● Contributor

Tracey is a homeschool mom passionate about learning, teaching, and sleeping. She enjoys watching her daughter learn a gentler form of horsemanship than she had access to as a teen.

Ada Draghici

NS, Canada ● Contributor

Ada is a horse trainer, but she has also trained pet rats, feral cats, and her younger brother. She loves fiber arts and doesn't like it when it rains.

Lisa Rask

TX, USA ● Contributor

Lisa has been pursuing horsemanship with her American Mustang, Gus, amongst her busy life of raising kids. Her other adventures include yoga and multiple moves across the country.


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