Community Contests

Have some fun, use your imagination,
and show off your relationship with your horse!

Valerie Wente and Tristan, winners of the #CreativeTrailerLoading contest.

Valerie Wente and her horse Tristan won our #CreativeTrailerLoading contest in October 2018.

Monthly Contests

Our contests highlight the human-horse relationship and what can be achieved with Relationship-Based Horsemanship. Watch this space for new contests — we'll have a new creative, seasonal, or horsemanship-related theme every month.

Winners receive a unique, IHA-branded prize, and will be featured in an upcoming issue of the IHA Journal and on our website and social media pages. Additionally, all high-quality photo submissions (large, landscape image files over 300dpi) will be considered for publication in our annual calendar.

 Upcoming Contests


Show off a video of your best sideways maneuver!

Ada Draghici!


Serve us your best In-Hand photo with your horse.

Sue Towne!


Capture a video of your horse fetching an object!


Send us a Long-Lining photo with your horse.

Stay tuned!
Entries open April 1.


Film your horse tackling an obstacle on the trail.

Stay tuned!
Entries open May 1.


Feature a photo of your horse jumping!

Stay tuned!
Entries open June 1.


Share a video of you riding while carrying a flag.

Stay tuned!
Entries open July 1.


Snap a photo of your horse playing with water.

Stay tuned!
Entries open August 1.


Show us a video of your horse spinning!

Stay tuned!
Entries open September 1.


Take a photo of your horse in the scariest costume!

Stay tuned!
Entries open October 1.


Film your horse wearing some strange objects.

Stay tuned!
Entries open November 1.


Take a New Year’s or snowy photo with your horse.

Stay tuned!
Entries open December 1.

Past Contest Winners