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Current Instructors and Trainers

Uniting professionals for the good of horses and people alike!

Joining IHA as a Professional Member

One of the IHA’s core missions is to establish a supportive community for like-minded equine professionals. The IHA desires to foster collaboration among colleagues and support individual business goals.

As a professional member, you will immediately enjoy UNLIMITED ACCESS to the IHA ACADEMY software to start creating your own online courses!

Instant Benefits Upon Approval

Directory Listing

Promote your business and make finding you easier with our equine specific directory.

Built-In Marketing

The IHA wants the world to know all that you have accomplished in your equine education and career.

Teach Online

Create as many customized online courses as you like and receive 100% of the profit.

Video Library

Save and store an unlimited number of your training videos.

Student Assigments

Connect with your students regularly by posting assignments in the IHA ACADEMY.

Automated Grading

Take advantage of test creation and automated grading for easy student accountability.


Award your students with your own personalized course completion certificate.

Member Perks

Don't forget to take advantage of all our other non-professional membership perks like a quarterly copy of the IHA Journal!

IHA’s Commitment to You

  • Foster a collaborative, supportive community of Horsemanship Professionals
  • Advertise and celebrate your unique, professional brand
  • Help you grow your business
  • Highlight your strengths and accomplishments
  • Provide additional outlets for your creativity and excellent horsemanship
  • Share with you a set of standards, tests, and a non-copyrighted language to use for your business if you so desire
  • Lobby for group benefits such as reduced liability and equine insurance

Requirements for Joining

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If you are a current professional working in the equine industry and would like to join a collaborative community of colleagues united by their passion for excellent horsemanship, all that is required is:

  • Submit current professional credentials (noting from which certification program or institution you have received instruction in teaching horsemanship or training horses)*
  • Sign the IHA Professionals’ Code of Ethics
  • Provide proof of professional liability insurance
  • Join as an annual Professional or Lifetime Member of the IHA
  • (optional) donate a video to our IHA Academy for us to promote you!

Limited Time! No Application Fee for Current Professionals! (Savings of $250)

*Some training programs or institutions may not meet all our specific horsemanship criteria and you may be asked to apply as an aspiring professional and provide further information so we may assess your skills accurately. 

No Credentials? No worries!

The IHA welcomes all aspiring professionals!
Click below to see how we can help you on your journey.