Annual Instructor/Trainer Membership

Annual Instructor/Trainer Membership


Are you an established horsemanship instructor or trainer looking for a way to grow your business? An aspiring instructor or trainer? All professional memberships with the International Horsemanship Association are designed to support you and your business, helping you to help your clients. In additional to all Hard Copy benefits, exclusive professional benefits include:

  • Access to the International Horsemanship Association Certification Process 
    Certification will be available in each skill set after completing specific requirements. Instructors and trainers can become certified or recommended in one or multiple skill sets.

  • Create and Sell Online Educational Content 
    Host online horsemanship courses and other distance education services via our Learning Management System.

  • Publish Professional Rating on Promotional Materials 
    Use the IHA Certified Professionals logo and your IHA Rating on your personal website, social pages, or other marketing material.

  • Business Listing on our Website and in the IHA Magazine 
    Be listed on the website and in our magazine with detailed contact information, photos, videos, and additional links.

  • 10% Commission on Member Referrals 
    Receive a 10% commission on the membership fee of all referred students.

  • Submit Educational Articles 
    Qualified instructors will have the opportunity to write articles to educate other members. This is an amazing opportunity to show potential students and clients your training or teaching style and advertise your unique skills or highlight a concept that you believe to be foundational or spectacular.

  • Invitation to Perform at Conferences 
    Perform or present at conferences or equine events all over the world while representing the International Horsemanship Association. The selection process will be made by application to the conference committee.

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