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Our Mission

To promote a culture that fosters education, safety, collaboration
and mentorship while honoring the nature of the horse.

Our Vision

We are a collaborative community uniting people
for the good of horses.

The mission of the International Horsemanship Association is to promote a culture that fosters education, safety, collaboration, and mentorship while honoring the nature of the horse.

Education/ Safety

The IHA's desire is to increase our members’ skills and abilities by providing a community where experienced horsemanship professionals guide and cultivate members to reach their full potential.


Our goal is to provide access to apprenticeships, resources, insights, business models, and proven curriculums shared by icons of the industry.


Be part of something bigger!  The IHA provides a peer-based community for support and resources which improves cooperation and communication about training best practices.

Honor the Nature of the Horse

Our commitment is to nurture the highest quality training that will increase safety and improve the quality of life for our equine partners.

 How Are We Getting it Done?


Connect with members and professionals from across the globe through our magazine, directories, events, forums,
classifieds, and more.


Put your learning into gear with the IHA ACADEMY which features online education from the instructor of your choice!


Have your equine credentials that you have already earned through programs, schools or certifications recognized by the IHA. You can also earn IHA credentials as an Instructor, Trainer, Practitioner, or Facility from home and help grow your equine business or brand.

IHA Core Values

Whether it's in developing our benefits, interacting with our members, or in the little moments with our horses, our values are important to us. As individuals and as an organization, they drive us to be the best we can be.

Safety & Humane Treatment

We encourage the highest standards of safety and excellence in all equine activities. We also support humane training philosophies and techniques to create a positive horse - human relationship.

Supporting Our Members

We celebrate in our members' successes, no matter how big or small. Even if your goal seems far away, we will be ready with the resources to help you find your pathway.

Commitment & Integrity

We honor our commitments — to our colleagues, to our community, and to our horses, by promoting the Professionals' Code of Ethics at every turn.

Respect the Nature of the Horse

We believe that once we can understand our horses' innate behaviour and psychology, their capacity to communicate and happily perform is limitless.

Celebrating Good Horsemanship

We support and hold high esteem for the pursuit of excellent horsemanship of all types — no matter the discipline, tradition, tack, or program.

Taking Care of our Members

We're here to serve you and your horses.