For more information about specific certification requirements, please refer to the document below.

Facility Certification

With your support, the International Horsemanship Association will be offering Facility certification in 2019.

Facilities will be certified based on several factors, including:

  • The quality of horse care including feeding schedule, quality of feed, regular horse health programs, condition and cleanliness of stabling and pasture area, and happiness and playtime for horses
  • Training and riding facilities including arenas, trails, pastures, courses, and obstacles
  • Grooming and tack areas for boarders
  • Quality of instructors and trainers available to boarders and students
  • Emotional environment offered by owners and staff
  • Knowledge of horse husbandry
  • Qualifications of the staff
  • Events and clinics hosted at the facility that encourage relationship-based horsemanship
  • Clients of certified facilities will be able to review facilities based on these factors. Ratings will be published online to help other members make informed decisions about choosing a facility for themselves and for their horses.