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Preparing Your Application

We've compiled everything you need to complete your Recommended Professional
application in one place to make the process as easy as possible.

The IHA is committed to making it easy for equine professionals to obtain valuable credentials from home, while still maintaining high standards for horsemanship, professionalism, education, and horse welfare. Our Recommended Professional program does just that by celebrating and promoting those individuals who incorporate Relationship-Based Horsemanship into their daily equine business operations.

Thank you for your interest in this program and for submitting your intent to become a Recommended Professional. Please refer to this page and the PDF document below for detailed information regarding each element of your application as well as fees. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Recommended Professional applicants must demonstrate a minimum degree of skill in one or more areas of horsemanship. To evaluate these skills, we ask that you film yourself performing certain movements in the Grades of Horsemanship Skill Sets of your choice.

Recommended Instructors & Trainers
To become a Recommended Instructor or Trainer in a particular Skill Set, please submit a Ground Skills assessment video that demonstrates at least Grade 6 competency. If you wish to become Recommended in any other Skill Sets (Bridle Riding, Liberty, Free Riding, In-Hand, and Long Lining), your application must include an additional assessment video for each (additional fees apply).

Please note that the Ground Skills assessment video must be submitted first.  All other Skill Set assessments are optional and may be completed at any time. However, if the applicant’s Ground Skills video does not meet the required degree of skill, the other Skill Sets will not be assessed until the Ground Skill assessment is passed.

Ground Skills Video Assessment
Bridle Riding Video Assessment
Free Riding Video Assessment
Liberty Video Assessment
In-Hand Video Assessment
Long Lining Video Assessment

Recommended Practitioners
To become a Recommended Practitioner, please submit a Ground Skills assessment video that demonstrates at least Grade 2 competency. Videos of other Skill Sets are not required.

Ground Skills Video Assessment

General Requirements

  • Please submit one video per Skill Set that you are applying for.
  • Videos should be between 5 and 10 minutes in length and should not include cuts unless changing locations, tack, etc.
  • Audio and visual quality should allow your assessors to see and understand what is being taught.